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Grief & Mother's Day

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This time of year is really hard for grievers who have lost a mother...and also for mother's who have lost a child. In this video I give you 4 actionable steps for you to take to get you through Mother's Day.

Check it out:

The 4 steps I talk about in this video are:

1. Have awareness

2. Make a choice

3. Create a plan

4. Reflect

...and these steps can be useful for ANYONE who has experienced a loss when holidays, anniversaries, death-iversaries, birthdays and any other special times of the year roll around.

I'm Janeen Mary and I work with people who have experienced a significant loss in their life. I help people to get clear and express exactly what they are feeling in relation to their loss so that the healing can begin. And I do this mainly via creative arts therapy.

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